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Bitcoin SV.
Artist, Trader, Pianist & 


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Co-Creator of the #Nakamoto ⌚️ 

About Z

Born in London, England. Trader of financial derivatives, Artist inspired by Bitcoin,  and  Cryptocurrency,    Classical Pianist and giver of Bitcoin SV to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. . 

                 Focused on spreading    $BSV adoption, and positivity generally. Creator of FreeBSV.com ,  Mitto.cash and an amazing Luxury Bitcoin watch called the "Nakamoto".

     Changing the World little by little. Follow me on Twitter & Twetch only ~~ @iamZatoshi 

I Give Free Bitcoin  $BSV 
to thousands of people 

 Every   Single Week.

This has been    Fact-checked 

by Kurt Wuckert Jr ; -)

I create companies
and apps because

I want to change the World.

As the creator of FreeBSV.com and Mitto.cash my aim was to always help get Bitcoin SV to the masses and be used globally. The cryptocurrency space can be a very unusual place. Full of tech geniuses, opinionated individuals, keyboard warriors, app devs, artists etc. I keenly follow many exciting alt-coins in the space. But nothing seems more fitting to me and my goals than $BSV.  

I have given out hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Bitcoin SV to people globally. This has been via giveaways on Twitter and Twetch, also by claiming free bitcoins via FreeBSV.com and many other ways on social media. Working hard my whole life, I aim to help and inspire people from all backgrounds. Positivity has always, and will always, be my middle name. Z


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