$POP - NFT Platform token



$POP is a unique NFT token created by Zatoshi for the Bitcoin NFT platform www.popps.xyz coming soon to BSV.


Popps will be an exclsuive NFT platform where all NFTs are backed by physical assets such as Art, Gold, Property and much more. Popps acts as the middleman to facilitate and guarantee all NFTs and assets attached to those NFTs are delivered to buyers from sellers. 


1 $POP = 1 BSV. There are only 888 $POP tokens minted.

$POP token will allow those that hold $POP to get exclusive heads up to NFT drops, Discounts on the Popps platform, Earn BSV from Popps platform profits, mint their own NFTs for free and much more (more details announced soon). 

Being a $POP holder grants you a lot of perks and exclusive opportunities with Zatoshi and the Popps platform.

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What is $POP?

Token Supply

Buy & Hold $EYE



888 $POP tokens were minted on Wednesday 19th January 2022 on the RelayX platform. 

By owning $POP you become part of a very exciting NFT platform.

1 $POP = 1 $BSV 

If you have any questions get in touch. Z