$EYE - Exclusive token



Originally called OVO, $EYE is a unique social token created by @iamZatoshi for the Bitcoin community. 


1 $EYE = 100 BSV. There are only 25 $EYE tokens minted.

Unlike other tokens available on the market to buy, this token is a secret token. Only those that buy $EYE will then, and only then, be told what its use is for. 

Being an $EYE holder grants you a lot of perks and exclusive opportunities with Zatoshi and the small EYE community. This will be an exciting year ahead in 2022 and holders of $EYE will get a lot just by owning this token.  

Important: You will in no way lose your 100 BSV think of it as a deposit. You will get that back before the end of 2022. This token will allow you to be involved in some of the most exciting secret projects and you will most definitely be getting a lot back in return.


That's all I can say for now! Hopefully be speaking to you soon and sharing the great news. Thanks Zatoshi

What is $EYE?

Token Supply

Buy & Hold $EYE



25 $EYE tokens were minted on Wednesday 29th December 2021 on the RelayX platform. These were airdropped to holders of $OVO.  1 $EYE = 100 BSV

By simply buying $EYE you become part of a very small group of people that will benefit immensely. That's all I can say for now. 

Your 1 $EYE is redeemable for 100 BSV by December 2022. You in no way lose anything, just lots to gain instead!

Zatoshi will be able to see owners of $EYE on the RelayX platform "owners list" but once you have $EYE please get in contact with Zatoshi.