Nano - $XNO

Nano is a new currency that happens to be digital.

Just like the cash in your pocket, choosing to transact with nano ensures that 100% of the value is transferred directly to the recipient.

Created to facilitate both local and international payments, choosing to use nano makes moving money across borders effortless and feeless.

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Nano is a digital currency for everyone, without fees.

Zero Fees 👌

It does't cost anything to send nano, making it practical and inclusive for all the world. 

Eco-Friendly 🌳 

Without relying on mining, printing or minting, nano is a sustainable solution to money.

Instant Payment ⏲️

You don't have to wait to use digital currency, nano is ready when you are. 

Digital money shouldn't cost the Earth.

Nano was created to perform efficiently without the need for mining, an energy-intensive mechanism to process transactions. Instead, nano uses an innovative voting system where no mining is required.

This efficient mechanism allows the nano network to use magnitudes less energy than other digital currencies, providing the world with an environmentally-friendly, and sustainable currency for a greener future.

Learn more at nano.org

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