$STW - Spin the Wheel token

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The token that pays! But only the wheel decides how much...  

Formerly the $ZZZ token but now the $STW token. How does it work???

Also referred to as "Spin the Wheel" token. The only token that decides how much you earn. Wherever the wheel lands thats how much you are paid out in interest (all in BSV)!

On the 21st December 2021 holders of the former $ZZZ token were paid out 5% profits on their holdings in BSV. This was a total of 166.5 BSV. 

Also on the 30th March 2022 a further spin was done by Kurt Wuckert Jr of Coingeek where all $ZZZ holders received 10% profit on top of their holdings paid in BSV. This was a total of 333 BSV. 

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Update: $ZZZ has now changed to $STW as of the 30th March. all $ZZZ should be returned to iamzatoshi@relayx.io. $ZZZ holders already received the equivalent in $STW (the new token).

Due to the huge demand and excitement around the spin token I have decided to do another 2 spins in total over the next 6 months. The next spin will be on the 30th June 2022 (interest payment paid out within 24 hours of the spin result) and the last and final spin will be September 23rd 2022. After the 23rd September 2022 all interest and principal BSV will be paid back to holders of the new token $STW between the 23rd and 25th September 2022. 

$STW is valued at 1:1 to BSV

Both wheel spins will consist of odds (5%, 10%, 25% and 50%). So far a total of 15% has been paid to holders of the former spin the wheel token. 

Come and join this exciting event starting today. I am really excited about this and the buzz it creates, particularly in the BSV community. Happy to further spread BSV joy to the world. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter @iamZatoshi. 

Buy your $STW at RelayX.com/market/STW

What is $STW?

Token Supply

Hold and Earn BSV


Only 5,555 $STW tokens were minted on Wednesday 30th March 2022 on the RelayX platform.

1 $STW = 1 BSV

Holders of $ZZZ have two dates (21st Dec 2021 & 30th March 2022) where they earned interest on top of their $ZZZ holdings. All paid in BSV. Now the new token $STW will have two further dates where holders will earn interest (30th June 2022 and 23rd September 2022). It pays to Hold $STW through these two live spins 🔥 

Simply hold $STW and earn BSV. More details above. 

Buy $STW at RelayX.com/market/STW